WellnÈSSE Sparkling Water

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GreatnÈSSE is sparkling and functional.

Low calorie, low sugar and packed with function: great-tasting, immune-boosting refreshment you can feel good about is here.

Each can of Sparkling WellnÈSSE water contains vitamins and minerals from plant sources to give you the fullest health benefit. This innovative, plant-based sparkling water fuels you with incredible taste and function without giving into artificial flavors or added sugars.

Helping people everywhere live true to their ÈSSEnce.


ÈSSE’s water is one of my favorite drinks! The flavor is just right, it’s not over powering.  My favorite flavor is lemon, it tastes amazing!!!


ÈSSE Water is a new household FAVORITE. It’s so refreshing and the perfect amount of flavor. We’re obsessed!!!


ÈSSE water is the perfect beverage for whenever I'm bored with plain water but don't want any added sugar or artificial ingredients.  The flavors are phenomenal and refreshing - Esse water helps keep me hydrated and healthy all day long.


Blood orange is my favorite flavor by far. I love how subtle the flavors are. So light and refreshing!


ÈSSE water is SO refreshing! My new go-to drink..no fillers, concentrates or additives, just natural and real ingredients. I crave these daily, never want to be without them. I purchase them from Whole Foods and Target! Love this brand.

Made from nothing but pure, plant-based goodness.