WELLNÈSSE Sparkling Water

Case of twelve (12) - 12 oz. cans

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Nutrition Facts

Choose easier, healthier refreshment.

100% plant-based multivitamins in a fresh-tasting sparkling water. Each can of ÈSSE contains 20 calories or less, little-to-no sugar and 15+ essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Busy schedules demand healthier on-the-go choices—make ÈSSE part of your daily routine.

It’s time to get real.

The 15+ vitamins and minerals found in Nature’s Multivitamin Water.


From Green Tea, Amla + Pomegranate


From Latana Flowers


From Guava Leaves


 From Sesbania Plant

Vitamin C

From Amla Berry

Vitamin B

From Basil + Guava Leaf + Lemon

Vitamin B2

From Annato + Holv Basil + Sesbania + Guava Fruit


From Guava Fruit + Holy Basil + Lemon Peel + Amla

Vitamin B3

From Holy Basil + Sesbania + Annato + Guava Fruit + Amla


From Holy Basil + Lemon Peel + Guava Fruit + Amla


From Guava Fruit + Holy Basil + Lemon Peel + Amla

Beta Carotenoids

From Sesbania + Annato + Holy Basil


From Sesbania Plant + Amla

Vitamin B5

From Guava Fruit + Amla + Lemon Peel + Holy Basil

Vitamin B9

From Lemon Peel + Sesbania + Guava Fruit + Holy Basil