Our Story

Let’s face it, taking the busyness out of daily life isn’t much of an option. But making better choices about your health is. ÈSSE was created to give you a beverage option that’s packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants—straight from nature—so you can drink healthier without worrying about fillers or junk.

Simply put, ÈSSE is wellness water for real life.

So, while you may not always make it to the gym, you can still take care of your body with better-for-you ingredients that keep you energized, hydrated and ready for whatever’s next.

Nothing but real.

Our Founder

Enjoy 15+ plant-based vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in every can.


From Green Tea, Amla + Pomegranate


From Latana Flowers


From Guava Leaves


From Sesbania Plant

Vitamin C

From Amla Berry

Vitamin B1

From Sesbania + Annato + Holy Basil + Guava Fruit

Vitamin B2

From Annato + Holy Basil + Sesbania + Guava Fruit


From Guava Fruit + Holy Basil + Lemon Peel + Amla

Vitamin B3

From Holy Basil + Sesbania + Annato + Guava Fruit + Amla


From Holy Basil + Lemon Peel + Guava Fruit + Amla


From Guava Fruit + Holy Basil + Lemon Peel + Amla

Beta Carotenoids

From Sesbania + Annato + Holy Basil


From Sesbania Plant + Amla

Vitamin B5

From Guava Fruit + Amla + Lemon Peel + Holy Basil

Vitamin B9

From Lemon Peel + Sesbania + Guava Fruit + Holy Basil